below are some of my favorite resources for relevant nutritional information, therapeutic diets, health resources, and sites I love and frequent.


Chris Kresser // the ultimate boss in nutrition and functional medicine. Chris has an expertly researched and thoroughly studied article on almost all pertinent health issues and considerations. He is also the ultimate in functional medicine knowledge and applications. He also has an amazing podcast called Revolution Health Radio.

Underground Wellness // I love Sean Croxton. He has a plethora of podcasts and brings together the foremost nutrition experts, functional medicine doctors, and highly educated influencers in the realm of health to create a community that shares relevant information freely and easily. I particularly love his special podcast series, The Digestion Sessions, The Thyroid Sessions, and the Real Food Summit

Stop The Thyroid Madness // The thyroid is one of the most important organs in the body, responsible for almost every cellular process that takes place. Where most western doctors will just stick you on a thyroid medication if your numbers slightly differ from the "normal" range, this website offers detailed explanations about what the numbers actually mean, a holistic view and alternative treatments to bringing your thyroid and pituitary systems back into balance.

The Thyroid Book // 
Dr. Kharazzian is an expert in all things thyroid, and offers a more comprehensive look at thyroid and adrenal issues. Another fantastic resource for those suffering from thyroid issues and wanting another take and different treatment options.

The Problem with
Gluten // This is one problematic little protein, let me tell you. I do not think that we should consume gluten regularly, if at all. It is a highly indigestible protein that has many deleterious effects on the body, from triggering "Zonulin"- a hormone that tells the cells of your intestinal lining to open and allow undigested substances into the bloodstream, to it's proven connection with many autoimmune diseases and mental spectrum disorders. Dr. Tom O'Bryan is the leading gluten specialist and just one of many resources where you can learn more about the dangers of consuming gluten.

The Cholesterol Myth & Why Fat is Amazing // We are a fat-phobic culture in this day and age thanks to the incredible nutritional misinformation overload of the 80's and 90's, and we couldn't be more wrong about it.  Here's why eating the CORRECT QUALITIES and QUANTITIES of fat is so important to your health- after all, our brains and cell membranes are mostly made up of fat, and we can't function without it. Following a low fat diet is not only ineffective, but more importantly it is dangerous to your health. 



Soaking & Sprouting Nuts, Seeds, and grains // a handy resource on the appropriate methods to maximize your nutrient intakes from nuts, seeds and grains. all of these wonderful whole foods unfortunately contain high levels of phytic acid in their natural state, which inhibits absorption of minerals and even leeches them from other foods, creates digestive inflammation, and poor assimilation of nutrients. I personally recommend only consuming these foods when they have been properly prepared. Here's how!


Whole 30 // the Whole 30 is a paleo-template food and lifestyle challenge that lasts for 30 days at least. Common Standard American Diet and inflammatory foods like corn, bread, grains, gluten, legumes (beans!) , refined sugars or natural substitutes, sweets, dairy, alcohol, sulfites, food additives, processed oils, or even "healthy recreations" of junk foods are eliminated for the duration. Their motto is- "JUST EAT REAL FOOD." This is a fantastic program where you are encouraged to get up close and personal with your food- preparing it, getting used to how it tastes in its natural form, and most importantly how it makes you feel. It helps tremendously with weight loss without the need to count calories. I highly recommend this program to anyone just starting to clean up their diet, who is struggling start new habits, or who needs an overall reset. It will also help you identify which, if any, of these common foods may be causing you issues.

The Paleo Diet // The Paleo diet is a template for how to navigate eating in this modern world. The premise is that we should eat "relatively" like our ancestors- meaning that we should not consume modern refined foods as they were only developed in the last 100 years or so, and our health has only declined since introducing them. These processed foods have serious detrimental effects on our health as we are ill-equipped to process these relatively unrecognizable forms of food and ingredients. The Paleo diet also suggests eliminating grains and beans/legumes, and dairy. The reason? We have only been eating these foods for the last 10,000 years or so, and our bodies are not yet evolved to completely digest the proteins present in them, especially with all of their inhibiting factors like phytates, antinutrients, and saponins. The tenants of the diet revolve around vegetables, wild caught seafood and pastured meat, eggs, high quality fats and oils, nuts, seeds, and fruits. One problem with the "Paleo" diet is that some people think it's a free pass to eat as much meat as they want to- I think this is a huge flaw being perpetuated by people who are not scientifically in tune with the scientific research. The diet should revolve around vegetables first and foremost, with a modest amount of protein coming from meat and eggs.  I like Chris Kresser's template of a personalized paleo diet to suit your health considerations and constitution. 

The Autoimmune Paleo Diet // an excellent food and lifestyle treatment/elimination diet for management of autoimmune conditions. It is truly the most gut healing and anti-inflammatory way of eating, backed by ample science and research. I followed this diet for 5 months and found it helped me tremendously to identify food triggers and heal my digestive system. I always revert back to this diet when I am not feeling digestively 100%.

Low Fodmap Diet // an elimination diet that greatly assists in reducing discomfort from IBS, bloating, and inflammation. This is a super helpful diet to follow when treating SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) as when the gut is damaged or a dysbiosis exists, these particular classes of foods are fermented too quickly in the small intestine and cause discomfort and worsening of the digestive ailments. FODMAPS also feed the bad bacteria before they get the chance to reach your large intestine, causing an exacerbation of conditions and symptoms.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet // a therapeutic diet intended to help those struggling with IBS and more aggressive forms of bowel disorders and autoimmune diseases, such as Chron's disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac, chronic diarrhea, diverticulitis, and cystic fibrosis. the SCD specifically removes all forms of starches and sugars that can exacerbate these conditions. It is a strict elimination diet with multiple phases, but great success rates.

GAPS Diet // short for  Gut and Psychology Syndrome, this diet is basically an even further refined  SCD diet for the treatment of severe digestive disorders. It's premise is that the health of our digestive system is not solely influenced by diet and genetics, but that a strong feedback loop exists between our brains and our stomachs (the gut/brain axis) and one cannot heal without the other. both gut and psychology diets and SCD are also fantastic therapeutic diets for conditions like autism, aspergers, depression, OCD, and other mental spectrum disorders.

Candida Diet // Candida albicans is a single-celled yeast that exists in every human body; it is a healthy part of our large and diverse microbiome ecosystems that play a crucial role in overall health. a Candida overgrowth (or Candidiasis) occurs when a person's flora balance gets out of whack- through antibiotic use, illness, stress, birth control use, diabetes, NSAID use, bacterial infection of the gut through food poisoning, heavy metal toxicity, and chlorine and fluoride exposure. Basically- living in this modern world. when candida overgrows it can incredibly disrupt the entire bodily system, leading to brain fog, fatigue, rashes, food allergies, skin breakouts, thrush, yeast infections, and many other diverse symptoms. Candida (and most other bacterias and organisms) use sugar as fuel, so this diet- most effective in conjunction with antifungals- starves the yeast of their food- starchy vegetables, sugar, fermented food, vinegars and many carbohydrates. Some Candida protocols permit the consumption of some grains but I believe these should be left out entirely. Anyone with skin issues should consider Candida as the root of their issue. My cystic acne cleared COMPLETELY once completing an intense Candida protocol.

21 Day Su
gar Detox // another paleo-template diet plan, this time cutting out any form of sugar and excess carbohydrates (which break down into sugar) for 3 weeks to find "food freedom". It really helps to show us exactly where sugars are hiding in our food... you would be amazed! By limiting snacking on sweets and focusing on real, whole, nutrient-dense foods, we give our bodies and our brains a chance to reset and break addictions.

Body Ecology Diet // another program for bringing the body's microbiome into a more regulated and balanced state, the Body Ecology Diet uses elimination, supplementation, and fermented foods to restore a healthy gut. It is a more plant-based protocol and provides options for those who are following a vegetarian and vegan diet. However, I do believe that it includes more grains and fermented foods that should not be introduced when dealing with a dysbiosis, but it can be a good start or option for those whose constitution supports it.

Gerson Therapy // A completely natural treatment and alternative to standard western medical approaches for severe diseases and illnesses, such as cancer. The Gerson therapy focuses on consuming organic raw foods through a plant based diet, incorporating large amounts of fresh juices, coffee enemas, and natural supplements. Consuming large amounts of plant foods is a therapeutic way of boosting the body's immune system by supplying mega-doses of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These can boost the body's defenses on a cellular level and allow the body to heal itself. I am not endorsing the Gerson Therapy as the only way to treat serious diseases or suggesting to forego standard treatment; this is up to an individual's discretion. But I do think incorporating this diet is an important tool and surefire way to greatly assist the body's natural defenses in fighting serious disease.